Eating habits

October 8, 2013 1:22 pm 0 comments Views: 109

The diet industry makes billions every year convincing us that the only way to lose that unsightly and unhealthy excess weight is to spend huge sums of money on everything.

From pills and potions, special drinks that replace meals, attending meetings where adults are shamed into obedience, to anything else they can get you to spend your money on. They also know that as soon as you come off that particular diet, you will put the weight straight back on again and very soon try another expensive diet. There is only one of the great tips to lose weight permanently and that is to change your eating habits.

That has always been easier said than done and there is a good reason for that to happen. Ever since we were children, we have been rewarded for being good by being given sweets or chocolate, or money to buy sweets. We have grown up associating sweet tasting things with rewards and feeling good about ourselves so consquently, if we want to feel good, we automatically eat the things that are making us overweight. When we are feeling low we again eat all things that we shouldn’t eat to make us feel better again.

Unless you are one of the rare people that can say “I am going to stop eating more than the minimum that I can live on”, and stick by it, and that usually means spending the rest of your life calorie counting, then what you need is a change in your eating habits. Not only that but you will be eating ordinary everyday foods that do not cost the earth. There is no calorie counting, no pills, no meal replacement drinks, no meetings to attend, just eat healthy, good wholesome everyday food.

Not only will you lose weight but it will stay off. You should never undertake any diet without your medical practioners approval with no exception. In the unlikely event that your medical practioner does not give his/her approval to you. Go on, give it a try, you have nothing to lose except your excess weight.

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