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Looking amazing efortless represents a challenge for a lot of women all over the world, no matter their culture or civilization.
In a world where the image matters more and more everyday, and people are often judge by it, like a book by its cover, unfortunately, women are getting stressed and their efforts to look good are sometimes over the limit.

Be in fashion

Anyways, looking as good as you can, without pushing your limits is perfectly normal, and does prove self-respect and self-esteem.
We all admire the clothes of the celebrities and we all want to be dressed the way they are.  Fashion it’s all about creativity and ispiration so, it’s very ok to be inspired by style-icons all over the world and to choose  exactly what do you like and what defines your style.

There are many ways to find fashion inspiration. One of these ways is represented by famous fashion bloggers, that teach you how to be in the category of well dressed using affordable brands such as Zara, H&M, Mango, etc. Taking fashion notes from a famous fashion blogger, like the sweet Andy Torres and her famous blog Style Scrapbook for example, is a good way to learn more about fashion, about how to combine certain items and colors, how to develop your own unique style.

And the most important fashion icons, the envyable Hollywood stars, with their fresh look and amazing clothes from the latest designer collection. Do you want a glimpse of the newest trends even before they hit the stores, just take a look of how Victoria Beckham dresses to go shopping or how Kate Moss dresses for a walk.

It is not very difficult to pick a celebrity fashion muse, you’ll just need to look for a similar sense of style and a person that you admire and you feel you have something in common with. If you have a classical style, or more of a casual style, you can always have a celebrity that you absolutely adore from this point of view and has a style very similar with yours.

Talking about fashion icons? Let’s check on some women that are considered eternal fashion icons because of their distinguished style.

Audrey Hepburn

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and elegant women of all times, she became after winning an Oscar in 1953, one the most photographed actresses of all time. Her slim figure wrapped in those black dressed and elegant gloves will always represent the absolute of elegance.

Audrey Hepburn fashion

Nowadays, we can talk about many celebrities with great sense of personal style or maybe with some little help from their army of amazing stylists. Who do we like?

Victoria Beckham

Even if she doesn’t laugh or even smile at all, Victoria Beckham style has earned her so many fans around the world. Her classic, simple and elegant style and her gorgeous Birkin bags made her a fashion icon and lately a reported successful designer.

Kate Middleton

Prince William’s wife surprised everyone with her natural, effortless look and well combined clothes, amazing dresses and a great personal sense of style. She has been recently named on of the most stylish people in the world and she is definitely worth it.

Kate Moss

If she wears something today, it would probably become a trend the next day. The way she puts outfits together and making the whole process look so easy makes her so unique and in all right to be seen as a style queen.

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