Future holiday destinations

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Till now, an exotic holiday in a gorgeous area at the seaside or by the ocean, accompanied by a room in a normal hotel which offered all the facilities was enough to satisfy the clients. Nowadays, the tourism advanced a lot and offers real holiday experiences, seemingly torn from Science Fiction Hotels with various original shapes, underwater, located in the middle of seas and oceans with an impressive luxury are only a few examples of accommodation, desired by everyone.

And because tourists are amateurs of technology and architecture which seems almost unreal, you should know that there already exist huge projects that will definetly change the notion of the hotel or the tourist dream destination.

Ongoing hotel projects

Disc Hotel – Maldive Islands. It will be a future’s hotel, located in the Kuredhivaru island and it will be supended at 7 meters height over the water. Its weight will be sustained by 5 columns and the model is inspired by Enterprise-Star Trek ship. Although a great part of the hotel is suspended, there is also the part of columns mentioned above, where you may descend underwater and you may admire the life of the Indian Ocean.

AZ Island. This one will represent a construction inspired by a novel of Jules Vernes and it will not be only a luxury hotel, but also a huge liner of small islands which wants to be treated by the authorities like an independent island.

Arca Hotel – Unknown area. This will represent a tribute to Noah’s Ark from the Bible, but we don’t know yet where it will be placed. This project is developed by the russians and its main goal is to combat the effects of disasters, the hotel will be 100% ecological.

The Emirates Palace. This hotel will be built in Abu Dhabi, it will hold 394 rooms more than luxurious and is about to become the only 6 stars hotel in the world. Although the tourists will be very well treated , the prices are dedicated to the middle class (350 euros/double room).

Source: http://www.destinatii.info/

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