How to deal with stress

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Stressing over every single small thing it is probably nowadays, something that we all do, and unfortunately stress is always present in our daily lives, even if we do try to manage it somehow. Trying harder though can have results if you are conscious and trust yourself that you have the power to go through this process and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

How to control stress

Being a grown-up it is complicated, I believe we all agree with this, we do have bills and problems, stressful jobs, complicated relationships,and dealing with all this can easily bring us down many times. The most important thing is your response to stress, because a life without stress, for as ideal as it might seem, it is not possible.  You’ve probably always read many scientific articles in which it’s described how to manage stress in a very mathematical way: erase stress factors, add some anti-stress factors, go and do things that you like, stay away from things that get you stressed.

As simple as it seems, you could probably say that ok, let’s do this, but when you really find yourself in the middle of the process the terms of the problem would have completely changed. Eliminating stress of your life it is not going to happen over night, so take your time, baby steps.

It is not like throwing away a thing, get rid of it and it will never come back. Stress will be present in your life and will continue to come back in a higher dose whenever you’ll find yourself in a complicated situation. When this will unavoidable happen, you should be prepared to put up a fight and make this affect you as little as it is possible. Talking about mathemathical ways of dealing with stress I will make a list of steps and try to find a way of describing them as non-mathematical as I can:

The most important stress factors

You will need somewhere to start from, so think about the things that really stress you the most everyday of your life. What kind of activities, who of the people who surround you, your noisy neighborns, your girlfriend’s or boyfriends’s pets, what are the thing or persons that fill your life with stress? Think about this thing, and try to find a way of eliminating that stress of your life, in many situation forever. If there is no chance to do this, you will definitely have to think about some other ways of reducing the stress that comes into your life, so keep reading below.

Slow down your run through life

In this more and more crowded and planned life, running through it seems to be our favorite sport and sometimes when we slow down just for a moment, we feel like there is something wrong, and we’ve lost time and we have to be back on track straight away. Why don’t you slow down for good? Take some time to think and meditate, just take some time to enjoy life. Spend more time with the people in your life, enjoy your meals with them, enjoy your time with them, enjoy walking in the nature, don’t do all this things out of obligation, but try to really let everything away for few hours and enjoy things that make you feel good.

Feel free of your schedule

This step is totally related with the one above. Not everything in this life has to be on a schedule, this can be very frustrating and many times it can make you feel that you are not a free being. You are in control of your time, and of course you’re caught in meetings and jobs and things you must do, but you also have your free time, and you don’t need to schedule even that time, to make you feel more stressed out. Being always glued on your phone or your agenda it’s not an ideal situation.

Make workplace a better place or quit

Let’s admit it! Being stressed at the work it is many times, by far, the stress factor that has the biggest impact on your life. If you struggle at your job and you feel unappreciated and frustrated because of that, then you should make a change! Have a talk with your boss, show him that you have a voice, that you have original ideas, and you need to express yourself. Of course that even in the ideal workplace, you’ll still have bits of stress, but you can easily find simple ways to relax when you’re at office.

If you are not allowed  to express your ideas, your creativity, or you simply can not stand your job any longer  and the stress is killing you, then you’ll have all the signs you need that you should get another job. You should not get yourself trapped in a situation that makes your life miserable, so try do the changes at their time, because postponing important decisions can many times be to late. Even if it is a drastic decision, it could also be the best thing for you, and the future will prove it!

Be healthy, exercise, smile and love

That’s the most important ! It has to be your daily routine, because you will realize that it is actually working. Stress might bring us down many times,  make us feel small or irrelevant or wanting to hide away not to deal with the problems, but we should always remember that we have a possibility to choose, and choosing to fight stress it’s our best ally.

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