Light pollution

August 27, 2015 1:36 pm 0 comments Views: 130

If you look up in the night sky what do you see? If you live in a modern town not much, due to light pollution. However, ancients mapped the stars in great detail, to so much detail it surprised modern scientists believing in the need equipment and modern tools to penetrate the deep haze. Where the deep haze is in part, our own pollution, including the pollution of preconceived notions.

Light pollution

If you close your eyes and examine what’s in your body, what do you see? If you live in a modern times not much, due to the pollution of our life styles. We ingest, digest and incorporate into our own bodies so many toxins and other pollutants, to be unable to fully feel and see within our own nature.

In a very similar manner to light pollution obscuring the night skies. Bad food, lax lifestyles, televised distractions and such end up obscuring our inner nature from our senses. To the point where we need doctors, high technology instruments, priests and doctrines to peer past these obstructions.

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