Shooting guns is a form of therapy

March 15, 2018 3:41 pm 2 comments Views: 79

Shooting a gun is a true form of therapy, it helps increase your power to focus on key tasks, to keep your mind keen and also relieves stress. But how does it work? Whenever you see a weapon you know exactly what it is and your body reacts to it. Most people can keep their calm around a firearm, but some get anxiety just while staring at one. Our mind understands what a firearm can do and your body anticipates it.

Bucharest shooting club

From the moment you first lay hands on a gun, you start to feel certain changes happening inside of you. Your mind starts to focus on the task at hand, in this case at holding the gun in a safe position, paying attention to each and every move your fingers and hands make while grasping the cold metal of a pistol or rifle.

You start to feel all your worries, cares and other stress-causing factors simply dwindle away automatically. That is because your mind is busy with each and every action required to operate a weapon. It’s something that it does on its own because your brain knows that all that matters now is not making a mistake that could have grave consequences.

Things start to take off once you first cock the gun and then stare through its sights at a target. You know that now, once you pull the trigger there is no going back. A loud bang and a small projectile will start zooming it’s way to that small piece of cardboard. But one mistake and things can go really sour, really fast.

That moment of focus, that moment of peace and quiet when man and weapon become one and another blows away any care, any worry and helps you prioritize all the thoughts that you have in your mind and that have been pressing you during the week.

Knowing the therapeutical benefits of firing a weapon, more and more entrepreneurs started opening up shooting ranges even in Europe where guns are not as popular as in the States for example. Even in countries like Romania, that have very strict gun ownership laws, we can see a lot of great, professional establishments like Bucharest Shooting Club. A great place where even the most pretentious gun enthusiasts will feel just like home!


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