Spring shopping days

February 14, 2013 3:46 pm 0 comments Views: 31

We are in the last weeks of the winter and even if the weather remains stubbornly cold, we can notice the first signs of the spring.

The shy snowdrop which raises its head towards the sun escaping the snow in which it is imprisoned and other flowers on the still snowy fields.

The nature returns to life with each passing day and all the things come back to life from the winter numbness, people are also starting to revive and spend more time outside.

After a long period of dressing in clothes to keep us warm, wrapped in scarves and gloves, spring brings along the possibility to wear discreetly, chic, lean and easy pieces.  We’ve had a stylish winter, but we’ll definitely have a more stylish spring.

High heels shoes which we couldn’t wear at all in the snowy days, will be probably the favourites of everyone in the spring, made by different materials and patterns, and with various models. Shoes are perfect for every outfit, dresses, jeans, silk shirts or simple tops. Besides a variety of jacket models, everyone will love to wear their stylish leather jackets.

This spring classic, elegant leather jackets are in trends, worn with dresses and already very famous biker boots. Slim pants continue to be in trend and worn with simple tops, a pastel coat and high heels compose a perfect spring outfit.

Long blazers are also a good and stylish choice, and more than that, they mark a feminine appearance.

In terms of accessories, we can choose scarves, which are always in trends, neutral or coral colors, and different shoulder bags , no matter if they are small or big. The shoulder bags have been in trends again for several years now and they keep leading in the preferences of fashionistas. You can choose your spring clothes depending on your preferences and budget, but you will definitely find something to love.

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