Simple ways to relax

November 29, 2011 12:36 pm 2 comments Views: 331

We live today in a crazy crazy world, busy and crowded, with people acting like robots. Daily routine: morning coffee, rushing to work, meetings over meetings, endless phonecalls, buried in files and folders and so on…

Office relaxing

annoying bosses, spreaded lunch on your new shirt, dreaming about getting home and get some rest.

Why don’t you stop for a moment and try some relaxation methods or try to find some ways to get to a  relaxing place and escape from that dreadful routine and giant concret city that makes you feel small and insignificant.

If there’s an ordinary day at work, with lots of thing to do,  whenever you feel that nothing’s going well or you’re to stressed out to continue working just turn off your computer for few minutes, relax your whole body and find some activities that can instantly relax you.

Here are some easy and quick ways to get relaxed when you’re at the office:

Enjoy seeing the nature

If you’re lucky enough to have a park’s view or a garden or even few trees when you look outside from your office’s window that’s perfect. Try to think about nothing as possible as that can be and just fill your sight with the green nature. It’s more relaxing than you think just to clear your mind and enjoy nature.

Take deep breaths

It might sound foolish for a lot of people but it really helps. Breath in, trying to absorb positive energy and when you breath out let all the stress and bad things out of your body and mind. Close your eyes if it makes you feel better.

Listening to relaxing music

This is always a great method to escape from this world into an ideal one, with heavenly sounds. So take a few minutes and let the music surround you. Choose classical music, violin and piano, and you can also try with the sound of nature, researchers say that the sound of the ocean it is one of the most relaxing sounds in the whole world. So… give it a try!

Famous books or paintings

Tons of work can stress everyone even a workaholic, so pause. If music is not your thing or you do not want to turn off your monitor you can always find another way of relax. Read few pages from your favorite book or choose to look at a famous panting it can be relaxing indeed. A tip from us: a famous, intriguing and certainly one one of the most beautiful paintings “Wanderer above the sea of fog” – Caspar David Friedrich.

So, you have above few ways to relax when you’re at office, so you can fill yourself with positive energy and strength to carry on with your tasks. We’ll be back with other posts about ways to find some relaxation or how to stay focus at work.


  • Very great article! And you’re so right..all these ways to relax are just helpful for all of us! Great job!!

  • Good tips! I’ll try some of them at the office cuz i really need some relaxation during my busy days at work. Come back with more posts like this one.

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