The true definition of hell

February 27, 2018 2:04 pm 0 comments Views: 11

Perhaps this is the true definition of hell; where we return. Perhaps our problems with certain kinds of religious conversation are just that our definitions have not been well laid out. Heaven is our reward for living good lives; we create a heaven out of our own goodness. Hell is simply a metaphysical metaphor for a state on no longer living.


Allah is the lifeforce that is the essence of everything. Christ was a great sorcerer who showed us the possibility of miracles and the miracle of brotherhood. Religion is a yoke to hold tribal groups together through common lore and ritual. Language is a call to conversation.

It’s not just (not to imply “just”) sexual abuse. We often get messages from our families / communities throughout our lives that somehow “I am not worthy” that we owe some great debt to everyone everywhere for the audacity to be alive. I’ve been looking a bit lately at some of these people to whom I felt so guiltily beholden, and they’re not such marvelous paragons.

Not to say we need to be paragons or any more than simply human, simply who we are. What a wonderful person to be, this unique amalgamation of the entirety of my life! Certainly, I am worth my own consideration.

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