Wardrobe essentials

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Every woman needs in her closet items that are timeless and can be matched with other clothes regardless of the fashion trends, for a variety of chic, elegant and glamorous combinations. Below we propose you few essential wardrobe pieces, that you should spend money on, because they stand out season after season.

Wardrobe key pieces

The little black dress, withe shirt, jeans represent exemples of clothes that are never out of fashion, on the contrar, they are everyone’s favorites.

Little black dress

Little black dress is by far the piece of clothing that will get you out of trouble everytime you have no idea what to wear. It can be the perfect choise for a business meeting, a cocktail, a party or for an evening walk. Whether you go for a timeless style, a classical little black dress or for something that will stand out like a special one, with a particular detail that you can match with everything from a pair of high heels, or flats. Pay attention to the right fit that will flatter your body.


Investing money in two or three pairs of amazing jeans it is probably a very good idea. You can wear them everyday, they are extremely confortable and perfect for all kinds of body. You do not need to invest in fifteen pairs of jeans, you should have three or four sport and elegant jeans that go with everything. Flared jeans, always in trend for so many years now, help you to complete a sport or an elegant outfit, depending on the pair of shoes that you choose or on your accessories. You can always learn some tips of how to combine jeans from your favorite celebrities, who represent fashion inspiration for you.

Flared classic jeans

The white T-shirt

Simple white T-shirt, printed or coloured completes your personal style, and will always get you out of ordinary. You should have at least few in your closet, because they will always allow you to play with different types of styles like sport or casual and with the right accessories why not, elegant.

White shirt and pencil skirt

These two items are elegant classics, and they can even guarantee you an impeccable look at a job interview or can help you sustain professionalism and seriousness at the workplace. The white shirt and the pencil skirt are great because they never go out of style, and they are versatile items, you can wear them to create different outfits for different places or moments.


If you decide to invest in a trench don’t be sorry for that. It’s a piece that you will wear forever. Trenches are perfect for sunny days in sping or rainy days in autumn, and buying them in pastel colours and stylish cuts will be the final delight of your outfits.

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  • Love this article :) great job!! Personally, I wear jeans almost daily, so I agree: they are always in trend and fit in various occasions.
    Little black dress is my first choice in some special occasions, too. It’s elegant, sexy and always trendy. Congratulations for this article! I really like it!

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