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5.247 Photographers, 124 nationalities, 101.254 pictures entered in this contest, World Press Photo 2012,  but only three hundred and fifty images by 57 photographers of 24 nationalities, in nine categories were awarded prizez.

World Press Photo of the year 2012

The Spaniard, Samuel Aranda, a photographer working for The New York Times, has won the World Press Photo of the Year, with this picture of a woman dressed in her burka holdind and comforting a wounded relative during protest against president Saleh in Sanna, Yemen October 15, 2011.

The photo appeared in New York Times and it was taken in a mosque in Sanaa, Yemen, a mosque that was being used as a hospital by demonstators against the rule of president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Samuel Aranda, 32 years old, the awarded photographer was born in Barcelona, Spain. He began to work for El Pais and El Periodico de Catalunya when he was 19, few years later he joined Agence France-Presse and he covered confilicts and social issues in Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, Gaza, Western Sahara. He is recognized for his work and has recived many awards for his activities.

At the moment, he works as a freelancer for The New York Times and El Magazine de La Vanguardia, along with his many other projects. The photograph is called by people everywhere inspiring, moving or beautiful, breathing sensibility, peacefull and somehow powerfull.

Aidan Sullivan, chair of the photo contest jury, shares his thoughts about the winning image by Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda: “The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an enormous event, an event that is still going on. We might never know who this woman is, cradling an injured relative, but together they become a living image of the courage of ordinary people that helped create an important chapter in the history of the Middle East”.

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